Benefits of Aadhar card

Aadhar card consist of a matchless 12-digit number, which is generated after biometrically scanning a person for instance, retina and fingerprints scan. Also, it consist of the QR code and holder overleaf which can be digitally scanned.  People can obtain this card only after successful submission of application from the UIDAI. The authority sends the aadhar card to the applicants, however you can also have the facility to download its PDF copy from the official website of the authority. Please note that physical existence of this card is not necessary to get the attached advantages of the aadhar card.


Income tax: One of the advantages of Aadhaar Card is that you can validate your filed tax returns by following some easy steps. It assists you to reduce the requirements of documentations. This method is efficient and cost-effective. Here is the process of doing that -

  • Log-in to the e-filing site of the government’s Income-Tax department with the use of your PAN card number. Then simply link your Aadhaar-card number. After that you can upload your ITR (Income Tax Return) forms.
  • Select the option for creating an OTP (one-time password). This’ll be directly sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Type this one-time password to authenticate your Income-Tax Return. Also, you can authenticate your returns that have been uploaded on a previous date. DO this simply by selecting the OTP verification option for Aadhaar.

Beating the passport-blues: this is the most vital advantage of having Aadhaar Card. When you send application to get Aadhaar Card online, you should attach your Aadhaar Card copy. This will cater as an address proof and identity proof. You’ll get an appointment after 3 days. After that, the Passport-Office will quickly process and send your passport within a week.

Get pension promptly: The major advantage of owning Aadhaar card for senior citizens is that it can help to provide pension pay-outs in time. After all, aged people may find documentation-processes time-consuming and cumbersome. Pensioners only require registering their Aadhaar number to get timely pension pay-outs.

Open bank-accounts in a flare: you don’t require collecting more than one proofs of identity or run here and there for documentation. Your Aadhaar Card is enough proof of address and identity.

LPG and other subsidies: One more feature that boosts the significance of Aadhaar-card is that it can provide LPG subsidy directly into your bank-account. You just need to provide the Unique Identification Number of your Aadhaar card. All the subsidies related to government will sent directly into your bank-account due to Aadhaar Card.

Easy disbursement of Provident Fund: The major advantage of Aadhaar-Card is that the Provident-Fund can easily be disbursed into the pensioner’s bank-account. The pensioner should just link the Aadhaar-Card with their pension-account. This really saves effort and time.

Digital-Life certificate: Because of the Aadhaar Card, pensioners get one more reason to be happy. Just use the registration number of your Aadhaar Card to get a digital-life certificate. This can aid to continue receiving your pension with no trouble of going to the bank and putting forward the life-certificate.

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